Refurbishment of the Christian Radich Tall ship

Refurbishment of the Christian Radich Tall ship

DMJ Engineering Ltd was involved with the extensive renovation repairs to the Christian Radich tall ships sailing yacht in partnership with A&P TEES and the Norwegian Government.

We carried out hot riveting using original techniques but again using an induction heater to heat the 22mm 7/8 Rivets before application into the boats ballast tanks within the boats hull.

Due to the heat transfer into the boats hull, riveting was the preferred choice for the repair works. The process of Welding was deemed unsuitable. As it could Possibly cause distortion to the outer hull and loosen the existing rivets.

Once the rivets had been installed a series of air tests were carried out with little to no leakage through the rivets. Once in service the rivets sealed ensuring a water tight seal to the ballast tanks of the boat.

DMJ Engineering is one of only two firms commercially undertaking repair in accordance with these traditional techniques working with modern equipment, within modern health and safety standards.